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July 21, 2020 by admin

Standards and expectations (Rayenge)

To keep the team safe and reliable, we have published our standards and expectations for hosts and travelers. (Protection)

.The journey with (Rayenge) begins the moment you surrender yourself to the new and unknown. And this is possible only if we feel completely safe in our team. Therefore, we require that you refrain from any threats and do not put other people at risk.


.Harming yourself or others

You must not attack people (with the use of force or with sexual intent), sexually harass or coerce them into sex, domestic violence, robbery, human trafficking and other violent acts, including holding someone against their will, are prohibited. This team has no place for members of dangerous organizations such as terrorist organizations, organized crime, and violent racists. (Rayenge) is committed to enforcing laws and responding appropriately to complaints of law and order.


Any intent to harm anyone is prohibited. Threats to harm ourselves, as well as actions with this threat, and if we are aware of such a threat, we can intervene in the situation.

. Creating dangerous situations for others

It is forbidden to keep easily accessible weapons in the house, keep dangerous animals, expose others to the risk of contracting a disease, increase the risk of fire, and also prevent evacuation in an emergency.



Team members of (Rayenge) share their homes, neighborhoods, experiences and stories. Whether you are a host opening the door of your home or a visiting traveler, you should always feel safe. Therefore, we ask you to respect other people’s property, information and personal belongings.


Theft, vandalism, or extortion

You must not take someone else’s property and use it without the owner’s permission, copy keys or IDs, harm someone else’s property, stay in the property after a booking is complete, or threaten anyone with harm, such as poor ratings, in order to receive compensation or other benefit.


Spam, phishing, or fraud

It is forbidden to conduct transactions related to booking off-site, commit fraudulent actions in relation to bookings, bank cards, as well as participate in money laundering, attempt to redirect traffic of visitors to other sites and advertise services that are not related to it on the platform, misappropriate payments addressed to other participants ., as well as make unfounded claims to other members of our team.


Privacy and Intellectual Property Violations Rules

Observing other people is prohibited. Cameras in houses are only permissible if they are located in visible locations and notified in advance. It is strictly forbidden to install cameras in places of personal use – bathroom, bedroom, etc. You cannot log into other users’ accounts without permission, violate copyrights and rights to use trademarks.



The international team (Rayenge) is a unique, vibrant and diverse world that is around us. Fairness is the foundation of our team, helping everyone to trust, find their place and truly feel at home.



Requiring rule following

Requiring abstinence insults about race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, disability or serious illness must be treated with respect.



. Policy of norms (Rayenge) commitment to show equal treatment and respect

The task of our team is to unite societies from all over the world, whose task is to build a more cohesive society through interaction and communication between people. We are convinced that our team will include millions of people from almost all countries of the world. The team is incredibly diverse and brings together representatives of different cultures, bearers of different values ​​and norms.

The (Rayenge) team strives to create a unique atmosphere in which everyone, regardless of origin, will feel respect and hospitality even when away from home. This commitment is based on two fundamental principles applied to hosts and guests (Rayenge): equal treatment and respect. Only a common desire to support these principles will help us and all team members feel, regardless of their origin, country of residence, views and preferences, on the platform (Rayenge) at home.


  . Equal treatment. We will gladly accept a guest of any passing, sexual orientation and different religious beliefs. Hosts are required to comply with all applicable laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, religion, nationality, or any other grounds listed below. We aim to go further than the minimum legal requirements.

  • Respect. We treat each other with respect when meeting and communicating. (Rayenge) respects the diversity of local cultural norms and laws and assumes that hosts and guests will abide by local laws and treat each other with respect, even if their beliefs and conditions, which they are accustomed to since childhood, do not coincide. The participants (Rayenge) differ from different backgrounds, beliefs and traditions. By uniting representatives of different cultures (Rayenge) strives for better understanding between people and the ability to see the common in each other, destroying prejudices based on misconceptions, misinformation or misunderstandings.


Special provision for hosts from the United States of America and the European Union


We are familiar with all applicable federal, state, and state housing and public space laws. Hosts should contact support (Rayenge) if they have any questions regarding compliance with the Anti-Discrimination Policy (Rayenge). (Rayenge) will soon publish guidelines on anti-discrimination compliance in countries outside the United States. Based on these guidelines, our community hosts in the US and EU will follow these guidelines when considering potential guests and hosting guests.


Race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status

  • The hosts on (Rayenge) are not entitled to:

       . Refuse a guest based on race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status;

       . Present other requirements or conditions to the guest based on race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status;


   . Post advertisements or statements that express negative or preferential treatment of any guest based on race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status.


 Gender identity


Rayenge does not define the gender identity of users. We believe that a person’s gender identity is determined by him / herself. It can be specified in the users profile.

  • The hosts on (Rayenge) are not entitled to:


       Refuse a guest to rent accommodation based on their gender identity, unless the host shares a living space with the guest (for example, a bathroom, kitchen, or public areas);

    Make other requirements or conditions to the guest based on their gender identity, unless the host shares a living space with the guest;

      .  Post an ad or statement that explicitly denies or prefers a guest based on their gender identity, unless the host is sharing living space with the guest.



  • Hosts on (Rayenge) have the right to:


      .  Rent out accommodation to guests of the same (not opposite) sex with the owner, if the owner shares living space with the guest.


  Age and marital status


   The hosts on Rayenge are not allowed to:

    . Establish other conditions or reject reservations based on the age or marital status of the guest where prohibited by law.

   The hosts at (Rayenge) have the right to


    .  Provide accurate information about the characteristics of the home (or lack thereof) that make it unsafe or inappropriate for a certain age group of guests or for families with children or babies;

  • List any applicable community restrictions (such as senior housing) that make it impossible for a certain age group of guests or families with children or babies to stay in the ad.


      . Provide accurate factual information about the presence or absence of certain amenities in the house, on the basis of which a guest with a disability can independently decide whether this housing meets his individual needs.

            . Except for the above reasons, refuse to rent based on any legitimate factors. For example, Rouding hosts may refuse renting to guests with pets or smoking guests, unless prohibited by law;

              . Require guests to comply with food restrictions in the home (for example, the host may ask guests to comply with restrictions on kosher or vegetarian food in their kitchen). All of these restrictions must be clearly stated in your House Rules;

              . This policy does not prohibit a host from refusing accommodation to a guest based on an unprotected characteristic or very close to a protected class. For example, the host may refuse to accommodate a guest who wants to smoke in the house, or limit the number of guests in the house.

  Refusal to guests. Hosts should remember that no one likes rejection. Despite the logical and legitimate reasons for the refusal from the host, the participant may feel that he is not welcome in our community. Hosts should try to be friendly to guests of all backgrounds. (Rayenge) may suspend an account of hosts who consistently show resistance to protected guests (even if there are good reasons for doing so), or who undermine our community by showing guests that they are not welcome.



   Special provision for hosts outside the USA  and the European Union


Unlike the USA and EU countries, the laws of other countries may allow or require a differentiated approach in the provision of housing depending on the marital status, nationality, gender or sexual orientation of guests, which violates our anti-discrimination policy. In such cases, we do not require hosts to violate local laws or expose themselves to a real risk of arrest, physical or material damage by hosting guests. Hosts residing in the countries described are required to specify in advance the established restrictions on reception of guests in their ad, so that potential guests are informed of the problem, and the staff of (Rayenge) can confirm the forced nature of such restrictions. When describing these limitations, use clear and neutral terms based on facts. Insults are not permitted on our website.



 What happens if the host doesn’t follow our anti-discrimination policy?


If a particular ad contains text that conflicts with this Anti-Discrimination Policy, we will ask the owner to remove that text and confirm that he understands the provisions of our Policy and will try to adhere to its principles. (Rayenge) may also take action at its discretion up to and including termination of the host’s participation in the (Rayenge) community.



If a host refuses a protected class guest for no reason or justifies their actions for reasons prohibited by this Policy, (Rayenge) may take action up to and including termination of the host’s participation in the (Rayenge) community.


Insulting other people


It is forbidden to share personal information in order to blackmail or damage the reputation of others, deliberately harass others with inappropriate behavior, libel, and also violate the rules and standards of our system of publishing content and reviews.



Public order disturbance


It is forbidden to disturb public order and make noise in public spaces, treat neighbors like hotel receptionists, create inconveniences for people around you, and persistently evade reasonable requests for order from neighbors.




Your experience with (Rayenge) should leave only fabulous impressions and amazing surprises. Our expectation of you is trust and honesty in all relationships about our team.




    Providing false information about yourself

      It is forbidden to provide false information about yourself (name, surname and date of birth), throwing parties, disturbing neighbors and using housing for commercial purposes without the permission of the owner.



Providing false information about your home


Misleading prices and hiding information about the habitability of housing and the dangers are discouraged.


Good faith



Each communication between the host and guest with our (Rayenge) is unique, to the neighborhood or to the host. Commitment in our team is based on trust in each other in everything, whether it is accurate information about a house or a hotel, to exceed our expectations.



   Provision of premises unsuitable for habitation

It is forbidden to rent a home if it does not meet cleanliness standards, or there are hidden problems with water or electricity. You must not rent out non-bedroom space (such as tents), or areas that are in motion during the booking period (such as unmoored boats), or areas that do not have access to specially equipped toilets (and it is assumed that guests will use public restrooms).

 Breach of obligations

 You are not allowed to cancel without a valid reason after the deadline specified by the host in the cancellation policy, obstruct check-in, not pay for accommodation, or violate house rules.

 No response

It is forbidden to have bad reviews and low rating of accommodation on an ongoing basis, do not respond to messages during the booking and stay of guests, refuse to participate in our process of resolving complex issues and problems.